Women in Music And Arts Guest Amy Frost June 13

                   WIMA RADIO: Women in Music And Arts Guest Amy Frost


   About Amy Frost

Amy Frost is committed to a world in which everyone is living and working his or her mission passionately.

Amy Frost is an accomplished Author, Coach, Group Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Life Manager, and Trainer for Get Back to Work, Personal Leadership and Life Coaching Programs. Her professional experience has provided her the opportunity to work with thousands of managers and employees dealing with a multitude of workplace related human resource issues (i.e. transitions from promotions, job reassignments, lay offs, dealing with difficult co-workers and employees, and day-do-day changes that impact company morale and productivity).

She served on the faculty at the University of Phoenix where she was distinguished as an outstanding faculty member and a faculty mentor. She also served several years as a Career Mentor and Life Skills presenter for Career Institute. She co-authored When Work Isn't Working with Ann Ronan, Ph.D. She is Past President
and Program Director for the Inland Empire American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

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